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Professional Accounting Services for HOA & CIC Associations – Twin Cities, MN

Every Homeowner’s Association or Common Interest Community Board of Directors has a complex and constant fiscal responsibility to owners in the Association. Proper accounting practices are essential in meeting those responsibilities. Few Boards of Directors for HOA and CIC Associations include individuals with the accounting skills required to handle these tasks, so most Boards contract with a third party to handle accounting for the organization. Not only is it the best practice, but it also helps to ensure that proper procedures are followed, no matter who is on the Board of Directors.

At our professional HOA management company, complex accounting for real estate related operations is part of our day-to-day work. In offering accounting and management services to handle the needs of HOA and CIC Boards of Directors, our residential property management service assists those Boards in meeting their responsibilities to the owners. As with our administrative management services for HOA and CIC associations, our accounting services take a heavy load off the shoulders of the Board of Directors, letting them focus on other community issues. We offer a full range of accounting services, so each Board of Directors can create its own unique list of services. Our services include:

  • Account Establishment & Maintenance – We will maintain operating and reserve accounts for your homeowners’ association, with signature card and full bank reconciliations. Whatever your account needs may be, we will provide oversight and management.
  • Accounts Payable Management – We will pay approved invoices in a timely manner, under the direction of the Board of Directors.
  • Financial Statements – Monthly financial statements for operating and reserve accounts will be provided promptly and accurately to the Board.
  • Collection of Fees – We will manage the collection of fees, assessments, and delinquencies from owners as a trusted third party.
  • Collection Actions – When required, we will work with an attorney to properly process collection actions for delinquent amounts.
  • Payroll & Tax Management – If your Association has onsite managers, we can handle all payroll and tax collection tasks for you.
  • Annual Budget Preparation – We can assist in preparation of your HOA or CIC annual budget, helping you assure that no elements are neglected and that all calculations are accurate.
  • Audit Information – We will work with your auditor to assist in annual audits and tax preparation.
  • Financial Consultation – The Board of Directors can count on our expert assistance and advice in any financial issue under consideration.

Custom-Designed Accounting Services for Twin Cities Homeowner Associations

Each homeowners’ association is unique, as is the make-up of its Board of Directors. At our Minneapolis HOA management company, we offer a customized set of account management services to suit the exact needs of your association. Our experience in handling such accounting extends over many years and assures you of accuracy and dependability. Our fees for these services to your HOA or CIC will always be competitive and depend on the list of services you select. Let us handle your accounting needs and you’ll be able to focus on other needs in your unique community.