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Real Estate Brokerage Services for Home Sellers – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Our property management company in the Twin Cities metro area is also a licensed real estate broker in Minnesota. There’s a good reason for adding realty services to Minneapolis St. Paul homebuyers and sellers to our management services for leasing homes to excellent tenants for our clients. Our services help our clients with all aspects of their real estate investments, and give rental home owners additional options, all under one roof. When selling a single-family home is the best choice any reason, we’re a great choice to handle your transaction. Here are some of the reasons to choose us for your home sale:

  • Real Estate Expertise – Choosing us as the listing agent for your home sale puts our years of experience and real estate knowledge to work for you and helps you sell your home quickly and at an advantageous price. We’ll help you accurately evaluate your home’s value so you can set a price for your home that is a perfect fit for the current real estate market in your area. We are real estate specialists with extensive knowledge of home values throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area, and will give you the objective and accurate information you need. Our e-PRO and CDPE-certified Realtors will help you maximize your opportunities.
  • Access to Sales Preparation Experts – Most homes going into the highly-competitive real estate market in the Twin Cities have some deficiencies that can affect the salability and price of the home. At our property management and real estate brokerage company, we are also a licensed residential building contractor. Our partnership with local vendors including HandyQuick Home Maintenance Services provides a network of experienced, efficient craftsmen in every area of home maintenance and repair can provide the services you need to prepare your home for a quick sale at a great price. We pass our volume discounts for these services on to you.
  • Technology, Experience & Networking – Our Real estate agents make maximum use of their long experience and the latest technology to stay on top of Minneapolis St. Paul real estate market conditions and to market your home in the most effective way possible. Our extensive networking with other real estate professionals assures you that your home sale will be handled efficiently and effectively for a fast sale that saves you time and meets your goals.
  • Professionalism – The real estate agents at our Twin Cities brokerage company area are members of the Minnesota Association of Realtors as well as the National Association of Realtors. Their full access to the Multiple Listing Service database and their personal connections throughout the real estate community give your property the edge you need for the results you expect.
  • Access to Real Estate Investors – Among the clients of our property management service company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area are many active real estate investors. When they are looking for homes to add to their portfolios, they turn to our realty division to help them find homes that meet their goals. Our Realtors will show them your home for their consideration.
  • Sales to Current Tenants – If you’re currently renting out the home you’re planning to sell, your buyer may be living in the home already. Satisfied tenants are often interested in purchasing the home they’re already leasing. At our property management service company in Minnesota, we’re experts at turning tenants into homeowners. From direct sales to structured lease/purchase agreements, a sale to existing tenants has great potential for a fast sale that benefits both parties.

Home Sales with a Trusted Minnesota Broker and Property Management Company

Minneapolis St. Paul Homeowners have a wide range of choices when they decide to sell either their current residence or a second home. The choice of a real estate brokerage to list the property is an important one. 33rd Company Property Management is also a licensed real estate broker in Minnesota, and offers unique advantages to home sellers. Whether you are a property management client with us or need an experienced professional real estate broker with a proven track record of sales in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, we can help you sell your home quickly and at a great price. Contact us to discuss your home selling plans. Let us show you the advantages of listing with us.