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Complete HOA Administrative & Management Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The administrative needs of any homeowner association in Minnesota often come as a surprise to those responsible for meeting those needs. Developers and Boards of Directors often discover that the time required to meet administrative tasks eats into the time needed to fulfill other management duties. All too often, this leads to delays in meeting administrative responsibilities and makes serving on a Board of Directors a thankless task. In many Associations, even finding enough people to serve on the Board can be almost impossible, due to the workload.

At our Minnesota residential property management service company, our experience in full-range management of properties of all types lets us assist HOA and CIC Boards of Directors. By taking over tedious, complex administrative tasks, we give the Board of Directors the freedom they need to focus on community-building and owner satisfaction within the community. Instead of spending all of its time on administrative functions, the Board can rely on our property managers to manage those functions on a cost-effective, efficient basis. The result is timely, correct performance of routine, but crucial administrative tasks, such as:

  • Compliance Letters – When the association’s rules and declarations are not followed by owners, we can send compliance letters promptly to those owners.
  • Annual & Special Meetings – We can attend the association’s annual or periodic meetings and assist by providing all needed information.
  • On-Site Walkthroughs – Our experienced property managers can conduct walkthroughs of the association’s property to identify compliance and maintenance issues.
  • Preparing Needed Documents – We can prepare annual meeting notices, proxy documents, and an agenda for each meeting, distributing them to all parties.
  • Maintenance & Service Contracts – We can negotiate service contracts, and can recommend trusted contractors to provide all services.
  • Insurance Needs – We can assist in acquiring needed insurance for the association and common elements, and assist in handling insurance claims.
  • Real Estate Documentation – We are experts in preparing resale certificates and escrow questionnaires.
  • Communication Needs – We can provide all communications between the Board of Directors and owners or residents.
  • Monitoring Laws & Court Cases – We can inform the Board of changes in applicable laws and of court cases that may affect the HOA or CIC.
  • Facilitate Owner Participation – We can assist in developing a committee process that gives owners the opportunity to participate in the community.
  • Owner Lists – We can provide accurate owner lists from County Assessor’s records to keep such information current at all times.
  • Association Website – We can maintain the current financial information pages on your website, keeping the information accurate and current.

Complete Services for Homeowner Associations in Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

The services listed above, along with other services needed by your HOA or CIC Board of Directors, can be complex to handle. At our Twin Cities HOA property management service company, our experienced professional property managers deal with such tasks regularly, and can assist you with any or all of your needs. We will custom-tailor a list of services that meets your exact needs. Our fees are very cost-effective and competitive and our performance is always timely and complete. By trusting your administrative needs to us, you’ll be assured of meeting your responsibilities and can focus on your community, instead of worrying about administration chores.