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Complete Residential Property Management Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

In the 20 years since the founding of 33rd Company, we have responded to the needs of our individual landlords and real estate investors by creating a Minnesota residential property management company capable of offering all of the services needed by rental home owners in handling the wide variety of issues that can arise. With the goal of offering a total solution to management of high quality single-family home rentals in the Twin Cities, we have added new capabilities over the years to serve the hundreds of clients we serve. Today, landlords and rental home owners find in our menu of residential property management services all of the tools they need to make management of their property simple, convenient, and cost-effective. Our complete Minnesota property management services include:

  • Free Consultations – In our rental analysis and evaluation with property owners, we explain all of our services and fees and show how we benefit landlords with experienced, objective property management and other services in the Twin Cities metro area. We also evaluate each property and recommend rental rates that will assure an excellent return on investment and attract reliable, long-term tenants to reduce vacancies. Vacancies are the most important reason for poor revenues from rental properties.
  • Property Condition Evaluations – As part of our detailed property assessments, we identify condition issues that may affect tenant acceptance and rental rates. Our recommendations assist property owners in preparing their properties for maximum success and cash flow.
  • Effective Marketing Strategies – Our marketing strategies use all available media, and are designed to find qualified tenants quickly. Using a network of over 200 rental listing websites and other strategies, our Minneapolis property management company quickly brings qualified tenants to your property for showings.
  • Thorough Renter Screening – To assure our clients of reliable tenants who will care for their properties, our tenant screening includes employment, income, credit, reference, and criminal background checks. Clients can rely on our screenings, which are some of the most complete in the industry. Owners can count on making wise choices of tenants based on our screenings.
  • Move-in & Move-out Services – Our comprehensive checklists and inspections are designed to minimize conflicts about property conditions when tenants move in or out of properties we manage. We handle these transitions to relieve owners from these tedious tasks.
  • Well-Designed Legal Forms – Written in plain language, our lease forms meet all federal and Minnesota requirements, and incorporate national best practices that limit risk and legal exposure. They protect owners and tenants and minimize disputes and legal problems. Terms are easy to understand for both property owners and tenants.
  • Security Deposit Management – All security deposits are held in secure escrow accounts, protecting you and your tenants, and meeting all legal requirements.
  • Rent Collection & Owner Disbursements – Through the utilization of automated ACH / EFT banking, both tenants and owners benefit from timely collection and payment of rents. We handle all rent collection issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Complete Statements & Reports – Our online monthly statements are available to all clients at any time, and we also prepare detailed end-of-year reports and IRS 1099-MISC forms to help make tax preparation simple.
  • Management of Maintenance & Repairs – An online reporting system lets renters report maintenance issues, and we have an emergency reporting telephone system for major problems. As a licensed residential building contractor, we offer professional contractor services, as well as through our industry partners like HandyQuick Home Maintenance Services to provide you the most talented licensed, insured subcontractors, and we pass along our volume discounts to our clients.
  • Real Estate Brokerage Services – As a fully licensed Minnesota real estate brokerage, we can assist our clients with property sales and purchases, along with mortgage brokerage recommendations and our specialized distressed property services. We can also assist with purchase agreements, structured lease-to-buy arrangements and much, much more.
  • Full Communications – As a local residential property management company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we are always available to both owners and tenants. We assist in mediating disputes between owners and tenants, and communicate regularly with property owners when their input is needed.
  • Cost-Effective Services – Our management fees and other services are highly competitive and are tailored to the needs of each client. All fees are based on actual service rendered and there are no hidden or undisclosed fees.

Minnesota Property Management for Single-Family Residential Homes

At 33rd Company, every property management service we offer is designed to maximize our property owners’ cash flow, return on investment, and occupancy rates for their rental properties in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. Our services are complete, thoroughly tested, and competitively priced. In our 20 years of service, we have created a finely tuned, professional property management service in the Twin Cities that offers its clients top performance, effective management, and a one-stop center for all needed services. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation with a seasoned property manager and let us show you why choosing us to manage your home rental properties is the choice for success.