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Free Rental Home Management Consultation – Minneapolis St. Paul

If you own a residential, single-family property that you are considering renting out to a tenant or are a real estate investor with multiple properties, it’s easy to get started. At our full-service rental home management company in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, we would love to meet you, and can provide all the information you need. In a one-hour consultation at your location and at your convenience, we’ll help you understand the benefits of our complete range of property management services. We’ll also assist you in many other ways, all aimed at helping you rent your home quickly, at the best rate, and to a fully qualified tenant. During and following the consultation, our professional property managers will assist with the following:

  • In-Home Rental Analysis – A qualified residential property manager will meet with you at your convenience, at the house you’re planning to rent. Typically taking about an hour, there is absolutely no fee for this consultation, which will fully explain our services and the benefits of having us manage your property.
  • Our Video Presentation – If you live outside the local area or cannot arrange a personal consultation, our video presentation will give you all of the same information as our in-home consultation, for viewing at your convenience.
  • Analysis of Your Property – We’ll closely examine your property, evaluating its condition, size, amenities, location, and other factors that affect its desirability, rental price, and attractiveness to tenants.
  • Local Rental Market Analysis – We will thoroughly evaluate rental rates for properties like yours in the same area. We’ll compare vacancy rates, and other factors, too. After our analysis, we’ll be able to advise you about setting a rental price that will provide a good return for you and ensure a low vacancy rate.
  • Evaluate the Condition of Your Property – Many factors can affect the attractiveness of your home to qualified long-term tenants. Foremost among these is the condition of the home. We’ll make recommendations if any repairs or upgrades are needed to maximize the rental value of your home and make it competitive in the rental marketplace.
  • Coordinate Repairs & Upgrades – As a licensed residential building contractor, our network of experienced, efficient subcontractors, including HandyQuick Home Maintenance Services, will address issues in all fields can quickly make any needed repairs or upgrades at special volume discounts. It’s your choice, always, but our trusted professionals will get the job done quickly, correctly, and at highly competitive prices.
  • Provide Property Management Information – Your personal property manager will explain all of our services and answer all of your questions. We’ll explain our fee and cost schedule, and give you details on how we manage rental funds and financial accounting.
  • Discover Your Preferences – It’s your property, and we never forget that. We’ll discuss your preferences for tenants, and ask about pets, smoking, number of occupants and other individual preferences. We’ll strive to meet all of your requirements, within the limits of federal and state housing regulations. We’ll explain all of those limits and discuss each issue with you, providing complete, objective information that is easy to understand.
  • Getting Started Is Easy – After our rental analysis and research, if you decide to hire us to be your Minnesota property management company, we can get started immediately. We’ll provide a detailed agreement for your signature. Then, we’ll install a lock-box and take photos for our marketing brochures and online descriptions. We will start marketing your property within 24 hours through our extensive online marketing network. Soon, we’ll be showing your home to qualified prospective tenants.

Rental Home Management Services That Assure You of Success – Twin Cities, MN

For over 20 years, we’ve been helping property owners in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area manage their rental properties. Our success in marketing quality single-family homes to fully qualified, long-term, careful tenants has helped our clients realize maximum cash flow from their properties. Our marketing and home management strategies, along with our excellent customer service for clients and tenants alike have made us a leader among Minnesota property management companies. Contact us today to discuss your residential rental property management needs. Let us show you why choosing 33rd Company can give you the results you expect and deserve.