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Sell or Rent Your Home? Our Minnesota Property Management Team Can Help

It’s a very common situation for homeowners to find themselves owning two homes. In the process of moving to a different home, a previous home often doesn’t sell quickly. In other cases, families inherit a home from a family member. Often, too, when children move away, homeowners think about moving to their second, lake home for their retirement. In either case, it’s time for a decision. At our Twin Cities property management service company, we often talk with homeowners in these situations. Since we’re also a licensed real estate brokerage, people come to us to help them make a decision of whether to sell their second home or rent it to a reliable tenant and retain ownership. The question can be a complex one, and we’re happy to help clients understand the issues and help them make the best choice for their needs.

Questions to Ask about Second Home Selling or Renting

  • What Is the Home’s Market Value? – Getting an accurate estimate of the potential selling price for your home is an important first step. The experienced Realtors at the brokerage department of our full-service property management company in Minneapolis St. Paul can help you determine the potential market value of your home, through checking sales of comparable homes in your area and current real estate market conditions.
  • What is My Equity in the Home? – If you own the home outright or have a large equity in the home, renting it under professional property management can be a great choice, providing excellent cash flow and building wealth through property ownership. If the home is heavily mortgaged, a sale may make more sense for you, depending on your financial situation.
  • What Are the Current Mortgage Payments? – How much you pay each month to service any mortgages on the home in question is an important factor in deciding whether to sell the home or rent it to a reliable tenant.
  • How Much Rental Income Can I Get? – Our experienced property managers can help you estimate what your home’s rent will be if you choose to lease. Today, good quality homes are in high demand and rental fees can often be higher than mortgage payments.
  • What Is the Current Real Estate Market Doing? – With the current real estate market slowly recovering from the recent downturn, home prices are rising. In many cases, leasing a home to reliable renters through our Minneapolis St. Paul property management company gives you time for values to increase even further, letting you hold onto your second home until appreciation offers a better deal.
  • What Are My Financial Goals and Needs? – This is probably the most important question of all. Discussing your long and short-term financial goals with an investment property expert at 33rd Company Property Management can help you understand the pros and cons of both decisions.

Solutions from a Renting Property Management and Brokerage – Twin Cities, MN

Since our company offers real estate brokerage services to Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners, along with complete property management services, we are in a unique position to help homeowners facing a decision on whether to sell or rent a home. Our professional property managers and Realtors can provide you with an objective analysis of both selling and renting options, based on your unique needs and property. We’ll help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of both options and leave the decision to you.

If you decide to sell, we can effectively market your home through MLS listings or even find a buyer among our network of real estate investors. If you decide to rent, you’ll have access to our proven property management strategies that can provide you with cash flow and appreciation potential through leasing your home to reliable long-term tenants. It’s a win-win situation for you, and our expertise and objectivity assures you of the information you need to make the best decision.

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In our two decades of service to residential property owners, we have earned the trust of our clients through creative, professional information, consultations, and service to a wide range of property owners. For owners of individual homes and real estate investors, our objectivity and dedication to customer satisfaction has created long-term relationships that facilitate ideal solutions in all aspects of real estate investments. Contact us soon to discuss your Minneapolis St. Paul area real estate and property management needs. Let our seasoned professionals assist you in meeting your unique needs.