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Homeowner Association Property Management Services – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

Minnesota Homeowner Associations (HOA) and Common Interest Communities (CIC) have unique management needs. Whether an HOA or CIC is run by a developer or by the community itself, management of all of the responsibilities can be a time-consuming and complex job. All too often, the Board of Directors of an HOA or CIC is overwhelmed by the paperwork, accounting, and legal requirements and that can lead to issues that negatively affect the entire community.

As the leading property management company in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, we offer a full range of management services for HOA and CIC developments. We can custom-tailor a set of services that will take the load off the Board of Directors and ensure prompt, complete, and correct handling of the many requirements facing such organizations. With the details taken care of, the Board of Directors can focus on making the community a great place to live and an attractive community for current and new owners alike. Our full range of services includes both administrative and accounting services. Click the links below for more information:

  • Managing HOA Administrative Services in Minneapolis St Paul – The administration details of managing any HOA or CIC include a wide range of communications, meetings of owners and the Board of Directors, and much more. Dealing with insurance and service contracts and meeting legal requirements for notifications, and compliance with Declarations and rules of the Association can all add up to a lot of detailed work and responsibilities for the Board of Directors. It’s no wonder that many associations have a difficult time in recruiting people to join the Board of Directors. Failing to meet all of the responsibilities of managing an HOA or CIC can lead to serious difficulties for the Board of Directors, as well. For many developers and Association Boards of Directors, having an objective third party, like our Minnesota property management company, handle such administrative chores offers the freedom and flexibility that lets the Board spend its time building a strong, vibrant community that helps preserve high property values and a strong community spirit.
  • HOA Accounting & Financial Services – Not only are HOA and CIC Boards of Directors responsible for a wide range of administrative functions, they are also fiscally responsible for Association funds. Accounting tasks for these organizations can be complex, and legal requirement for management of common funds are strict. To assure compliance and prompt, accurate accounting, many Boards of Directors contract with a third party for those services. As a leading HOA management company in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, we have extensive experience in handling the complex accounting and fiscal issues connected with real estate management. From maintaining accounts and assisting with annual budgets to collecting assessments and working with auditors for annual tax and audit needs, we provide the accounting services you need, professionally and accurately, freeing the Board of Directors from dealing with these complex responsibilities.

Free HOA Consultations from a Trusted Minnesota Homeowners’ Association Management Company

If your Minneapolis St. Paul HOA or CIC Board of Directors is considering third party administrative and accounting services, we will be happy to provide a free, no-obligation consultation and proposal. We can create a customized set of services to match your exact needs, priced to be cost-effective. Our solid performance record and professional experience in managing residential properties is your assurance that your responsibilities and administrative needs are handled correctly and in compliance with all regulations. Our HOA property managers will be happy to set up a time to discuss your needs and explain how we can provide all of the services your HOA or CIC requires.